27 август 2020
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Hi man,

Что же Вы все про Win95 да 95 ! Уже почти все на Win98 перешли !!!

P.S. Эта штука с Winserve похоже не работает.

Автор: Vadim Ionov

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    Виктор Ангелов, 29.08.1999
    в ответ на: комментарий (Vadim Ionov, 26.08.1999)

    Hi, if you are not joking.

    What are you asking about regarding Windows 98? What does it mean "eta shtuka"? Is it question about MS Virtual Private Network, or it is just a complain of MS Peer-to-Peer networking?


    1. Peer-to-Peer.

    This "stupid" scheme should work regardless of Windows version. Any Windows Operating System, be it NT or 95 or 98, supports NetBIOS over TCP (NBT), being configured properly. The only case where Peer-to-Peer does not work is if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked NBT traffic. The min requirement for NBT is the ability to send and receive over Internet the packets of the next services:

    - NetBIOS Name Service (User Datagram Protocol, UDP, port number 137)
    - NetBIOS Datagram Service (UDP/138)
    - NetBIOS Session Service (TCP/139)

    It might happen that your ISP just filters these packets to prevent Out-Of-Band and other data attacks on its own servers. So, ask to your ISP about UDP/137/138 and TCP/139.

    Strongly speaking, you should not hang on Internet a long period of time while using of Peer-to-Peer scheme, otherwise the hackers can easily detect your PC and PC of your partner. This scheme is not quite good idea in terms of level of security. Many betters are to use a VPN technique.

    2. VPN

    As to Windows 98, there are all you need for VPN at:


    Please run this way and choose line "Microsoft Virtual Private Networking" out of menu to download the Dial-Up Networking ver 4.0. You can find the Dun40.doc (Windows\System folder) to help yourself to configure VPN after installation.

    Good luck,
    Victor Angelov.


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