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  • Регулирование и экономика СОРМ

    Aleksei, 04.12.1999
    в ответ на: текст Регулирование и экономика СОРМ
    Orwellian Nightmare Down Under?
    by Stewart Taggart

    3:00 a.m. 4.Dec.1999 PST
    SYDNEY, Australia -- Any data seem
    different on your computer today?
    If you're in Australia, the government has
    the ability to modify your files. Its cyber
    spooks have been given legal power not
    only to monitor private computers around
    the country, but to change the data they

    The new powers are contained in a bill
    passed by Australia's parliament late last
    month (the Australian Security
    Intelligence Organization Legislation
    Amendment 1999). They now await only
    the largely ceremonial assent of
    Australia's governor general before
    becoming law.

    На проблемы так называемого СОРМА надо смотреть

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