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I'm trully sorry that I can reply in Russian but it's not my fault.I'm sorry too about some mistakes I can make in my reply because I have no any spell check on that comp.
Anyway I write you from the country that every day fights against terrorism. Therefore i believe that no one can win the war. But...
Russia the first time in its life knows the meaning of terror.No other country in Europe doesn't know much about it and they are happy, believe me.
Anyway I agree that Russia has to live Chechnia on one condition: the Chechen government has to promice that no terrorist remains in Chechnia. I believe that no Chechen leader can make such a statement, because as I allready said, no one can fight the terror. And even somebody try to do it anyway, he is expected to fail.
Therefore I believe that Russia has to continue the war and has to try to settle the conflict by talks.
By the way, historical facts point on very interesting point in Russia - Chechen relationship.Because of russian tries to keep Chechnia inside Russia and because of many Chechen tries to get freedom, I believe that there is no social base for a friendship and good will.
It is tasteless trying to describe the chechen people as peacefull, the same as tryng to tell the same about Russian.There are too many people from the different sides of bow, that no one will believe each other.
Never mind, i think that Chechnia is the situation when the sollution is not so easy and comfortable as it seems to be. You can't just say:"Let's leave Chechnia" and you can't just say:"Let's stay there". The sollution has to include inside a mixture of both: Russia has to leave Chechnua but she has to know that no anti-Russian steps will be done by the chechnian government or people. Therefore I believe that autonomia is the best sollution for the both sides.Chechnian people has the whole right to rule their own life but Russia has the right to protect herself and to keep her interests save.

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